You are the Master of Your Mind. In your brain there is a mind tool that your spirit uses in the material realm. But the thing is, this mind tool has a mind of its own. So don't let it take over your spirit or your body. Just like any tool, you only use it when necessary. For example, a hammer is a tool. Now imagine if you used a hammer on everything going around banging things up that don't need to be banged on. Imagine the damage we would do. A mind out of control rambling on unproductively can do serious damage. Because thoughts are extremely powerful and can manifest all kinds of stuff.

It's interesting to take some time, sit and just observe your noisy, loud mind ramble on. Don't get involved with it, don't let it get to you, and don't attach feelings to what it says. Think of your mind as one of those friends who constantly rambles on and on. Restlessly talking about everything going on around them. You never become irritated with them because you love them. You shake your head and even find them amusing because most of what they're saying is just a bunch of made up silly nonsense. You don't always take them seriously.

So when your mind rambles on and on nonsensically just say "oh there you go again"; and just like an out of control friend, start setting some boundaries with your mind. Your mind is not the Whole You. Your mind is part of you. You also have other parts of your brain you can use and you have a heart. There is an appropriate time to use the appropriate tool. Don't let your mind scare you, make you sick, or coerce you into doing something stupid.


The world is suffering from an identity crisis. Why? Because instead of identifying ourselves as God’s Children, we have been taught to take on an identity outside Self. Perhaps a nationality, a race, a profession, a religion, a lifestyle, and even a condition or disease. When we do this, we create a mask that hides our True Divine Nature. Our True Divine Identity is also obscured due to the misconception down through the ages that God is far away in heaven somewhere and man is down here on tiny little Earth. Therefore the masses have been indoctrinated to believe that they are separate from God.

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