The secret to letting go is being aware of who You already ARE at all times. Or, becoming conscious of your True Divine Identity. To know the power you have flowing through You. The secret to letting go is to never allow anything to distract you from being conscious of your own Divine Nature.

For example, if someone insults you with words, they haven’t hurt you at all. They are just creating a distraction to throw you off guard. Then You in turn, will hurt yourself by allowing yourself to become distracted. Because once you become distracted, you will become unconscious of your Divine Nature of Peace. Anger results when you become unconscious of your Divine Peace. You are Peace already. Once you realize your True Identity, you will have no problem letting go of the distractions.

Another example, someone tells you that you don’t seem happy. They try to convince you that if you only had a nicer car, home, clothes, more money; etc., you would be happier. Even though they may have good intentions, this can be a distraction to throw you off guard. To make you unconscious of your Divine Happiness. Sadness and loneliness result when you become unconscious of Your Divine Happiness. But if you remain conscious of your True Divine Identity of Happiness, you have no problem letting go.

There’s nothing wrong with a nice care, home, clothes, more money; etc. But if you seek these things thinking they will make you happy, then you have become distracted. Once distracted, you will become unconscious of your Real Divine Identity and Divine Nature.

Don’t ever forget how powerful You Are. You have the Power of Happiness, Love, Good, Peace, and Abundance already within You. No one can ever, ever take that away from You. These are Eternal. The only one that can rob you of your Divine Nature is YOU. Remember to always remain conscious of the One Great Divine Life that is living You, flowing in You., working Good in You, and You will never have a problem letting go of distraction. Practice feeling the Divine Flow in You. IT’S THERE!. Practice resonating in tune to it.


The world is suffering from an identity crisis. Why? Because instead of identifying ourselves as God’s Children, we have been taught to take on an identity outside Self. Perhaps a nationality, a race, a profession, a religion, a lifestyle, and even a condition or disease. When we do this, we create a mask that hides our True Divine Nature. Our True Divine Identity is also obscured due to the misconception down through the ages that God is far away in heaven somewhere and man is down here on tiny little Earth. Therefore the masses have been indoctrinated to believe that they are separate from God.

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